2019 April-May Print

President's Report

Aloha APA Hawaii Chapter Members,

We hope the first quarter of year 2019 is treating everyone well!  Sounds like we all had successful Year-End and W2 season... maybe a few extra glasses of wine a few nights.

We hope APA HI Chapter can help provide us all with:

  • A network of payroll profession experts in Hawaii helping to support each other

  • Payroll Certification & Recertification support in Hawaii

Coming Soon!

The APA Hawaii Chapter Board is working diligently to enhance connectivity and communications for you as Hawaii Chapter Members. We've recently invested in the use of StarChapter which is an association management software that will help our chapter with our membership status, communications, & event planning tasks.

  • While APA HI Chapter's New Website is still under construction - We are shooting to have released & published by mid-May.

    • Membership lists will be available to all members

    • You will still receive emails; however Announcements & Events will be posted here with ability to RSVP and make payment directly on website

  • With the new Website - We'll be able to send out surveys to learn & hear from you! 

    • What kinds of Meeting Topics do you want to hear about? 

    • What kinds of Networking events to meet other Payroll Professionals?

    • Are you interested in Certification Study Group for exam preparation or for RCH?

What's next?

  • You will be receiving an email regarding new membership website by mid-April with instructions to follow. We'll be sure to send everyone a notification email first.

  • Be ready to fill out a couple of surveys regarding your expectations of APA HI Chapter Membership

We are looking forward to serving the APA HI Chapter and getting your feedback!

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Welcome New Members

Wondering what's next?

Once you have been added to our membership list, you will receive an email from .apahawaiichapter.starchapter.com.

Please update your profile and let us know how we can best support you.

  • See current APA Hawaii Chapter Member List

  • Update your membership profile

  • Contact us if you would like post job openings

  • Please respond to surveys topics you would like to hear about, or speakers

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APA Hawaii Chapter Study Group

Have you decided to take FPC/CPP certification Exam and want support from others who went through same process?

Do you currently have CPP and want to help facilitate Study Group modules for RCHs?

Do you currently have FPC and looking for additional means to attain RCHs?

APA HI Chapter Study Group 2019 Timeline:

  • May 2019 - Survey: Facilitator & Participant Interest

  • May 2019 - Confirm Participant & group book orders

  • June 2019 - Confirm Study Group Schedule

  • July through Sept 2019- APA HI Chapter Study Group Sessions 

    • July-Oct 2019: Fall Exam Registration Period

    • Sept-Oct 2019: Fall Exam Period

    • Jan-April 2020: Spring Registration Period

    • Mar-April 2020: Spring Exam Period

Surveys will be going out soon if you would like to help facilitate or join this year's APA HI Chapter sponsored Study Group. Or, contact us for more information.

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